Welcome To The Kansas City Swingers Golf Association

The Kansas City Swingers Golf Association was founded in 1981 by a group of like-minded men interested in learning the game of golf and enjoying each others company. Our founders quickly realized a greater purpose and structured the organization as a non-profit 501 (c)3 charitable community group to provide services and support To our community.

Join us by participating in The Al Mosley Scholarship Fund Tournament and The Fall Classic Tournament.


Meet The Founders

President - Dwight Patton

Passing of the torch from 2017/2018 KCSGA President Gene Hill (pictured to your right) and current 2017/2018 KCSGA President Dwight Patton. Both men along with the entire club would like to welcome you to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Kansas City Swingers Golf Club.

President's Letter


Check out the 35th Anniversary Video an get a brief idea of the work being done within our community from a few of the people that help make it all happen.

Mission Statement:

Utilizing Golf To Strengthen Our Community

Men golfing to help support our community

Charitable Tournaments

Utilizing our resources
  • The Al Mosley Scholarship Tournament and Fall Classic are our main focus to raise money for youth in our communities.  The Al Mosley Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to college bound students who compete for the scholarships by written essay and interview. The Fall Classic raises funds which are distributed to local youth and our members take them on a Christmas shopping spree and provide them with a meal provided by local vendors. Join us at the course to support our community by giving. More information below.

Competitive Golf

Love for the game and competition
  • Our members share a love of golf.  Some enjoy the outdoors, some love the work to improve skills, some love to compete against an opponent, some love our brotherhood, some love competing against themselves.  But one thing is certain; we all love golf and found it in our hearts to combine our love for golf with our love for our community.  Join us in our efforts to improve and impact the community through on of our golf tournaments below.

Join us for tournament play!

September 10-12,
Kansas City Swingers Golf Association
2021 Fall Classic

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